Course Description

Elevate your influence through Instagram, YouTube, blogs, and beyond.

Money Making Micro-Influencer celebrates the power of content creators with a smaller follower base, and empowers them to grow their audience in a smart, business-savvy way. 

The thing is, you don't need a million followers to make an income from your content. You don't need thousands upon thousands of views to work with cool brands. And you don't need a huge following to build a community and positively impact it.

I know, because I've done it. 

I’ve worked with high-end brands, earned thousands from content partnerships, and built a community of engaged viewers turned clients.

Take this affordable, self-paced course to learn how to use your influence in a meaningful way (without selling out or buying followers!)

Courses are non-refundable.

Marketer + Content Creator

Latasha James

Hi, I’m Latasha! I’m a marketing strategist, digital content creator, and coach. Throughout my career, I’ve worked in-house for nonprofit organizations, tech startups, and multiple Fortune 500 companies. I started freelancing a few years into my Film, Video, & Media Studies degree and now own a marketing company called James + Park. 👋🏽 Feel free to say hi at @thelatashajames! 📧 Course questions can be sent to

Course curriculum

  • 2

    An Influencer's Purpose

  • 3


    • Establishing Your Brand

    • Building The Perfect Bio

    • The Paper Side of My Brand

    • Buyer Persona Worksheet

    • Events & Meetups for Influencers

  • 4

    Content Creation

    • Content: What You Need to Know

    • Creating a Blog in Squarespace

    • Tags, Titles, and Hashtags

    • Editing for Instagram

    • How to Create YouTube Thumbnails

    • Content Creation Workbook

    • Equipment I Recommend

  • 5

    Mobilizing Your Tribe

    • Building an Engaged Audience

    • Engaging With Followers & Brands

    • YouTube Analytics & Quick Tips

    • Scheduling Social Media Posts

    • Creating a Lead Magnet

    • 25 Engaging Content Ideas

  • 6

    Monetize & Conquer

    • Diversifying Revenue Streams

    • Three Types of Profitable Content

    • A Guide to Working With Brands

    • Pricing Guidelines

    • Pitching to Brands

    • What's in My Proposal Deck?

    • Sponsorship & Affiliate Websites

    • Pitch Email Templates

  • 7

    A Journey's End

    • A Special Invitation

    • Go Create Some Magic

    • All Tools & Resources Mentioned