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Has trying to launch your online business got you feeling overwhelmed? 

Online Business Launch Lab is an immersive program that gives you the tools you need to launch a freelance business, monetize more of your work, and create sustainable systems to future-proof your success. 💪🏽

Join for instant access to a network of other entrepreneurs, blueprints and guides to help you create a new business or additional revenue stream, and a comprehensive, guided launch plan.

Whether you're:

  • A freelancer with dreams of working for yourself,

  • A content creator who wants to monetize your passion,

  • Or a mentor or educator ready to share your talents with the world,

OBLL can help.

This isn’t your typical online course. You’ll have lifetime access to dozens of classes, worksheets, and guides created by someone who's built a multi six-figure business from the ground up. Alongside the self-paced coursework you’ll receive, you’ll also have access to supportive peers via a community forum as you develop your launch plan.

Get instant access to over 40 lessons of business-building content + worksheets, community, and more!

Student Reviews

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Purpose

    • Creating Freelance Packages

    • Designing Your Course Curriculum

    • Creating Coaching Packages

    • Pricing Your Service or Course

    • Ideal Client Research

    • Module 1 Activities

  • 2

    OBLL Pillars

    • OBLL Pillars

    • Creating a Lead Magnet

    • Creating a Sales Funnel

    • Building an Email List

    • Content Planning

    • Module 2 Activities

  • 3


    • Operations

    • Client Management & Workflows

    • Knowing Your Numbers

    • Building Your Course

    • Creating Systems

    • Module 3 Activities

  • 4

    Content Marketing

    • Content Marketing

    • Attracting Ideal Clients

    • Long-Form Content Strategy

    • Batching & Repurposing

    • Short-Form Content Strategy

    • Module 4 Activities

  • 5

    Launch Mapping

    • Launch Mapping

    • Websites & Portfolios

    • Sales Pages

    • Portfolio Projects & Beta Testers

    • Launching with a Webinar

    • Creating Irresistible Offers

    • Module 5 Activities

  • 6


    • Heart-Centered Selling

    • Copy That Converts

    • Sales Call Strategy

    • Sales Page Checklist

    • Outbound Marketing

    • Module 6 Activities

  • 7

    Customer Experience

    • Customer Experience

    • Client Onboarding

    • Client Offboarding

    • Meeting Etiquette

    • Module 7 Activities

  • 8


    • Mindset

    • Reading List

    • Time Management

    • Module 8 Activities

  • 9

    OBLL Wrap-Up & Next Steps

    • What's Next?

It's all possible for you ✨

The barriers to building an online business have never been lower. More and more people across the world are leaving their 9 to 5 jobs and creating businesses built around their passions.

With a wealth of information on launching a business, it's hard to figure out what works. In OBLL, you’ll learn proven launch and growth strategies that I’ve used myself, collaborate with like-minded business owners and build a business you’re proud of.

OBLL will cover everything you need to know to create an effective business launch, including:

  • Email marketing and lead magnet distribution

  • Client management systems and operations

  • Content and social media marketing strategies

  • Lead generation and selling through client objections

  • Launch mapping and tech 

It’s absolutely possible to launch your business solo—but the level of research and execution required is exhausting. Without guidance, it’s difficult to sift through resources to find what’s applicable to you. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, isolated, or frustrated, you’re not alone.

I created OBLL to teach you everything I’ve learned from building a 6-figure agency from the ground up so you can get the support you need.

If you’re ready to invest in your launch, OBLL is ready for you.

Meet Your Instructor

Latasha James

Marketing Strategist + Content Creator

Latasha James

Hi, there! Throughout my career, I’ve worked as a social media strategist and creator for various tech startups, fun beauty brands, and multiple Fortune 500 companies. I quit my day job back in 2018 to run my agency full-time, and am excited to be able to share what I wish I knew before starting with you!

Need hands on guidance for your next launch?

Enroll in OBLL!

Don't let another year pass by that you don't launch that:

  1. Course

  2. Service-based business, or 

  3. Coaching program

This on-demand course is one part instructional course, one part group coaching experience, and one part lab -- where you actually *do the work* and get launched! 🚀

Perfect for those who have yet to start a business, or those looking to introduce a new product/service, The Online Business Launch Lab (OBLL) offers step-by-step launch instruction and support, a group of fellow creators cheering you on, and instruction from someone who has reached 6-figure profitability in 3 different areas of focus: online education, service-based work, and coaching.

Can't wait to see you inside.

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Start creating your online business story with instant access to 40+ lessons, templates, and guides.

Launched and sold my first course after starting from ZERO


“I was able to launch my course, gain sign-ups to my email newsletter and even sell my first course after starting from ZERO.”

OBLL helped me take tangible steps and gave me the confidence to start.


“Before OBLL, all I had was the desire to start a SMM business and the basic knowledge to do the job. OBLL helped me take tangible steps and gave me the confidence to start.”

The skills I acquired from the courses landed me 3 successful clients and I now make double what I made in my previous job in the span of just a few months.


"Latasha’s online business launch course was just what I needed when I was looking to get started in my social media marketing journey. I came across Latasha’s videos in the midst of a career change. I had no idea how to get started with social media marketing and I needed some guidance. Not only did the course teach me EVERYTHING (and more) about what I need to build my portfolio, acquire clients, do discovery calls, onboard clients and set up a payments/invoicing system, but it was the start of building my confidence and positioning myself as an expert in the social media industry. After seeing how valuable the content was I also purchased the social media management roadmap + toolbox. The skills I acquired from the courses landed me 3 successful clients and I now make double what I made in my previous job in the span of just a few months. For reference, I started the course in January and had paid work in February-March. I cannot recommend Latasha’s courses enough - best investment I ever made."

Doubled my prices and already signed up two clients


“I've repackaged my consultancy offering and doubled my prices to reflect what I should be earning and already signed up 2 clients, who came to me, since putting in practice my work from OBLL.”

What I needed to set the foundation for a long term successful business.


“When I started OBLL I needed a kick in the pants to get serious about my business. This course is what I needed to set the foundation for a long term successful business. Certain parts of the business I realize now I was avoiding (a marketing plan and email funnel) and because of this course I have put so many plans into place and started chipping away at it all.”

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