Course curriculum

    1. Important Information

    2. What We’ll Cover

    3. Meet Ryan

    4. TikTok Now

    1. Niches and Sub-Niches

    2. Real-Life Examples

    3. Hashtags = SEO

    1. Profile & Bio Tips

    2. 1 Out of 10 Rule

    3. Content Keys

    4. Using A Hook

    5. Content Thought Starters

    6. Catalyst For Growth

    7. Your Voice

    8. General Tips

    1. Using the TikTok Editor

    2. Advanced TikTok Features

    3. Creating Stitches and Duets

    4. Editing TikToks with CapCut

    5. Sharing Drafts with Clients or Sponsors

    1. Thanks & Next Steps

About this course

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Ryan Redoute

After creating hundreds of videos that have generated tens of millions of views throughout the years, Ryan Redoute is stopping by the Online Business Launch lab to share his best tips and tricks for growing your following on TikTok. As someone who has built digital marketing strategies for a plethora of businesses and brands for nearly a decade, owns his own digital marketing agency, and has even become a social influencer on TikTok himself, he offers a truly unique perspective and offers some amazing educational points we have not heard anywhere else.

Marketing Strategist + Content Creator Latasha James

Hi, there! Throughout my career, I’ve worked as a social media strategist and creator for various tech startups, fun beauty brands, and multiple Fortune 500 companies. I quit my day job back in 2018 to run my agency full-time, and am excited to be able to share what I wish I knew before starting with you!

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