The Video Lounge

Create 10 YouTube videos in 10 weeks

I know you need video. You know you need video. The problem is, you have no idea where to start.

Maybe you've tried tutorials but can't seem to adapt them for your brand. Maybe you're so worried about what people will think that you don't even try. Or maybe you've already created and shipped a few, but none of them have converted a single viewer into a customer.

Whatever your problem, The Video Lounge is here to help.

The Video Lounge is your go-to place for a supportive community, helpful accountability, and constructive critique. You'll get weekly group calls with myself and other creators, meaning more eyes on your content and more perspectives to learn from.

Joining today gets you instant access The Video Lab, a self-paced course that teaches you how to create beautiful videos with equipment you already have on hand, how to create video systems that take away the overwhelm, and how to generate content ideas that rank high on YouTube and elsewhere. 

Creating long-form video helps your business get seen by more people, which leads to more opportunities for customers and clients. But the truth is, most entrepreneurs stop before they even start because they're scared of the learning curve—AND they don't have anyone holding them accountable.

The Video Lounge will hold you accountable to create before you're ready, improve over time, and learn how to create compelling videos that actually convert your audience—all with the help of someone who has hundreds of videos and hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue to show for it. Join us!

Your enrollment includes:

Instant access to 20+ self-paced lessons, plus a 10-week accountability group.

Class starts soon!

Start your journey to more professional, high-converting videos.

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